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When will my items ship?

All items take 7-10 working days to be shipped out! We make each pair of shorts hand made exactly to your size to ensure a correct fit! When shipped you will receive a email, and a tracking number!

I need shipping to...?

You're in luck! We ship WORLDWIDE!

My shorts are too small/big?

Please visit our Return Policy page to get all details! Also, you can email

How do I keep my shorts in the best condition?

To keep them in the best condition possible, we recommend hand washing them and laying them flat to dry.

My shorts say they are a size 30 on the back when I ordered a different size?

Please, be aware the size you see on the back of your shorts does not reflect the size we sent you. Vintage denim is a lot different than modern day sizing.

What grade is your denim?

We strive to have A and B grade sent out, although all shorts will very, they are vintage so they might have some wear to them. We use mostly Levi's although, you could receive a different branch such as Lee's, Wranglers, etc.

My shorts are a different color/ look different than the picture?

Please, keep in mind that the shorts you see in the picture are NOT the ones you are going to be receiving. The shorts are made upon request to make them one of a kind. Therefor they will vary but you will get a pair that is very similar to the ones in the picture. Although, the brand, color, and age of the jeans will very UNLESS you state that you want Levi's you will receive a pair of Levis

What are the care instructions for the shorts?

We recommend always hand washing your shorts, and laying them flat to air-dry. If you need to put them in the dryer we recommend putting them on low heat and delicate.


Please contact for wholesale inquiries.